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Segmentation, acquisition, loyalty

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Our agency excels in sculpting precise customer segments, utilising a rich tapestry of internal data from transactions and loyalty programs augmented by external datasets. This meticulous approach ensures that each campaign resonates with the intended audience, setting the stage for tailored marketing strategies that speak directly to the consumer's needs and behaviours.




360 customer acquisition

We specialise in capturing attention and converting interest into action. Our targeted campaigns across social media channels are designed to draw shoppers into the fold. By leveraging drive-to-store and drive-to-web tactics, we ensure that new customers continually discover and engage with our Casino Group retailer offerings.






Engaging visually

Our commitment to customer retention is manifested through engaging Customer Animation and promotional endeavours across our proprietary channels. From the web to mobile apps and in-store experiences to online interactions, we craft campaigns that deepen loyalty and encourage repeat business. Our creative studio's innovative promotions are not just campaigns; they're the building blocks of lasting customer relationships.







A Unique Shopper Experience

We help Casino Group retailers  and partners leverage first and zero-party data to build stronger relationships with customers through a unique and personalised shopping experience.



Retail Data Science Innovation
We build  AI-driven digital advertising solutions tried and tested with large international retailers.


Business & Customer Intelligence
All our solutions are designed to deliver our clients and partners an enhanced data-backed understanding of customer behaviour.

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By retailers for retailers

relevanC was born out of big retail to become a leading provider of cutting-edge retail data and advertising services. Founded in 2017, relevanC has offices in France, Brazil, and Colombia and operates globally.

Our technology and teams enable retailers to leverage their loyalty and first-party data assets through a unique combination of innovative AI solutions, personalisation, customer insights and hands-on retail media campaign expertise.

"We're a specialist retail marketing agency merging advanced analytics with strategic outreach. We deliver a full-funnel solution from data-driven segmentation to impactful acquisition and loyalty creation"

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