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Discover how Franprix increased by 5 the usage rate of its promotions

relevanC, a digital marketing platform built using Google Cloud technology, has enabled this supermarket chain to increase sales, create a loyal customer...

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12 december 2022

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Microsoft Advertising
Green KPIs for the win: how relevanC and Microsoft Invest help brands lowering carbon emissions.

The advertising industry, like all 
other industries around the globe, 
is trying to find ways to reduce its 
carbon footprint impact.

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Big Boss
Le catalogue digital au coeur de la relation client

Dans une époque pas si lointaine, le catalogue papier régnait en maître dans le monde du commerce.

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3 Reasons Why Sellers Aren’t Growing On Your Marketplace And What To Do About It

All marketplaces face the same question: which comes first, the seller or the customer? The answer is simple: sellers

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Authority Magazine
Peggy Studer Of relevanC On The Future Of Retail Over The Next Few Years

Online marketplaces with thousands of sellers have the potential to provide the customer with almost unlimited choices...

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Grit Daily
Managing Director of RelevanC: How Does RelevanC Boost Ad Revenue

Welcome toThe Grit Daily Podcastwith your host Sebastian Rusk, where we explore the behind-the-scenes of startups and their founders.

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Cyrille GEFFRAY, relevanC: "Retail Media can bring dozens of margin points to retail players

CEO of relevanC comes back on the changes taken by his company, from advertising network to real "retail tech", on its international ambitions,

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«For a fragmented market like the Spanish one, Retail Media is a necessity".

Retail Media has become the third revolution in digital advertising and will become increasingly crowded in the coming years thanks to...

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Why Marketplaces Internalize Their Retail Media Operations

Retail Media is now on every board meeting agenda. No longer a nice-to-have, it's a necessity for retailers.

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