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Discover how Franprix increased by 5 the usage rate of its promotions

relevanC, a digital marketing platform built using Google Cloud technology, has enabled this supermarket chain to increase sales, create a loyal customer base, and get its suppliers more involved in promotional campaigns.

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3 Reasons Why Sellers Aren’t Growing On Your Marketplace And What To Do About It

All marketplaces face the same question: which comes first, the seller or the customer? The answer is simple: sellers

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Peggy Studer Of relevanC On The Future Of Retail Over The Next Few Years

Online marketplaces with thousands of sellers have the potential to provide the customer with almost unlimited choices.

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Managing Director of RelevanC: How Does RelevanC Boost Ad Revenue

Welcome toThe Grit Daily Podcastwith your host Sebastian Rusk, where we explore the behind-the-scenes of startups and their founders.

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Cyrille GEFFRAY, relevanC: "Retail Media can bring dozens of margin points to retail players

CEO of relevanC comes back on the changes taken by his company, from advertising network to real "retail tech", on its international ambitions, and on the capacity of Retail Media,

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«For a fragmented market like the Spanish one, Retail Media is a necessity".

Retail Media has become the third revolution in digital advertising and will become increasingly crowded in the coming years thanks to...

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Why Marketplaces Internalize Their Retail Media Operations

Retail Media is now on every board meeting agenda. No longer a nice-to-have, it's a necessity for retailers.

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How Data Science Is Powering The New Wave Of Retail Media Platforms

Some retailers and marketplaces have tried to emulate that success with off-the-shelf, white-label Retail Media platforms.

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Why Brands Must Invest in e-Commerce Marketplaces

Retail businesses must become smarter in how they use their data to understand their clients, build tailored offers and drive higher conversion rates

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Why, In a cookieless future, marketplaces need to know their customers better than ever

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is here to stay, even asGoogle delays the end of third-party cookies (again)to 2024, the push for more privacy will continue.

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Authority magazine - relevanC Future of retail

Olivia Mark Of relevanC On The Future Of Retail Over The Next Few Years

As Managing Director of relevanC, Olivia Mark oversees the technology and go-to-market strategies, focusing on scaling and internationalising its ad-tech business.

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Actu retail - retail media relevanC

Blandine Multrier: "The retail media, from the front shelf to digital"

As a retail media expert, relevanC helps marketplaces, retailers and brands increase their advertising revenues and organic sales

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Why retailers and marketplaces internalize their Retail Media operations

Retail Media is now on every board meeting agenda. No longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity for retailers.

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Exclusive: France’s Retail Media tech map

According to the Observatoire de l’epub (an online advertising research body),  Retail Media saw nearly 640 million euros of investment in 2021.

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Latin America Retail Media Advertising 2022

Retail media, while still nascent, has become a boon for marketers in Latin America in an increasingly competitive digital landscape

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Everli chooses relevanC as its retail media partner

Everli will leverage relevanC’s Retail Media technology, to monetize its website and its mobile application.

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relevanC launches its white label Retail Media solution with GPA

relevanC has launched its Retail Media solution with GPA, n°1 brazilian food ecommerce

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"In our industry,  reach remains the most important factor"

Read more on Intermarché and the Casino Group - Infinity Advertising’s partnership.

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