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You are passionate about tech, specialized in retail or maybe you just agree with us that Retail Media is the future of advertising!

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Our commitments

Because our employees are our priority

Flexible working

Work from home 10 days per month

Continuous Learning

We actively encourage training and development with a wide range of courses available

The latest technologies

Work on the latest technology platforms such as React, Google Cloud, Python, BigQuery 

Start-up mode

Combining the agility of a start up with the strength of a large group

Team activities

Team building, talks, afterwork events and off-sites

Social responsibility

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment

What it’s like to work at relevanC?

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The values at the heart of our organization

We have identified five values designed to support an inclusive work culture that breeds collaboration, innovation and success. But how do we apply those values in our everyday lives? Check out our employee testimonials above

Be a team player

Empower those around you. Share any information that might help your colleagues. Respect and learn from the perspectives and opinions of those from different backgrounds to yours. Diverse teams perform better! Earn trust. Be someone others can rely on. Be vocally self-critical, even when doing so is awkward or embarrassing.

Be bold

Challenge what’s possible and take thoughtful risks. Failure is not learning from your mistakes! Speak candidly and have the courage to speak out when something is not right.

Be customer obsessed

Start with your customer (whether internal or external) and work backward from there on every decision. Listen with empathy. Work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.

Be agile

Simplify at every opportunity. Fail fast, learn and move forward. Be proactive. Address issues before they become problems.

Be a builder

Act with radical ownership — no task is below you, no decision too important; act on behalf of the entire company, not just your own team. Insist on excellence from yourself and those around you. Prioritise long-term value over short-term results.