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Franprix saw a 5X increase in promotions use

Personalized couponing is a win-win solution. Brands have access to a high-ROI targeting tool and, as a retailer, we can bring even more value to our loyal customers
Arnaud Thorel
Omnichannel Client Marketing Director Franprix
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    huge volume with a scalable infrastructure 100M skus managed, 10b pages served

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    real time measurement and recommendations to optimize your budget

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    click-through rate with the ability to score the relevance and pertinence of the displayed ads

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    profitability with the finest AI algorithms & automation

Built from the ground up for marketplaces and retailers

relevanC is an ad-tech SaaS provider based in Paris, France. Our technology powers the Retail Media operations of retailers and marketplaces worldwide. relevanC's Retail Media Sponsored Products solution is built from the ground up specifically for marketplaces. Its technology allows marketplaces to generate new advertising revenue streams through hyper-relevant, personalized ads placed all along the customer buying journey. Founded in 2017, relevanC has offices in France, Brazil, and Colombia and operates globally.

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Measuring Retail Media effectiveness in a cookieless world

Showing a link between an ad served and the desired action is how marketers show ROI. With the disappearance of third-party cookies that is about to become much more challenging. relevanC's Data team explains how their first-party data approach marks an important step forward in campaign measurement in a near cookieless future.

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Why retailers and marketplaces internalize their Retail Media operations

Retail Media is now on every board meeting agenda. No longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity for retailers.

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