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Sponsored Products for marketplaces and retailers

Advanced AI combines truly relevant ads and
maximum reach for the best of both worlds

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3x advertisers

Attract ad spend by guaranteeing ROAS for vendors of all sizes

6x conversion

Protect relevance and drive sales with personalization

1.5x impressions

Maximize reach and fill-rate

Generate up to 5% incremental revenue

at 80% margin

Generate ad revenue from all advertisers

70% of latent ad revenue is locked away in the long tail of smaller advertisers. Unlock that spend with easy-to-use tools that deliver consistently high ROAS.

  • Superior user experience for seamless advertiser onboarding
  • 1-click AI powered ad creation for high performing ads for all
  • Powerful closed-loop reporting enables rapid adjustments to campaign strategy.

Relevance and Reach combined

Truly relevant ads enhance the customer experience. High fill-rate maximises the return on web real-estate. Benefit from both without one compromising the other.

  • Consistently relevant ads placed into top search positions through best-in-class AI.
  • 100% fill-rate achieved with advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

Built from the ground up for marketplaces

With thousands of vendors and multiple offers for the same SKU, Sponsored Products for marketplaces is much more complex than for pure e-commerce. The relevanC platform scales quickly and seamlessly.

  • Offer level auction management
  • Instant scalability no matter how many, resellers, brands or SKUs you host
  • Manage a diverse array of catalogs with catalog enrichment using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Trusted by leading marketplaces and retailers

around the world.

With thousands of SKUs & hundreds of advertisers, Retail Media for marketplaces is much more challenging than an e-commerce site. relevanC is the only platform able to manage the complexity of sponsored products on a marketplace.
Amaury Lelong
Chief revenue Officer CDiscount

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