BFM Business’ Grand Prize for Digital Acceleration rewards the ambition, innovation and boldness of the year’s best digital transformation projects. On October 4th, during a Gala dinner at the Ritz hotel in Paris, and in front of 200 professionals, relevanC and Casino received the « Digital Acceleration in Retail » Prize, for the Casino Max application.

Launched in 2017, the Casino Max app allows for a playful, seamless and 100% digital shopper experience, thanks to a simplified and personalized shopping journey. Dematerialized loyalty card, self scanning, mobile payment, personalized promotions, “Casino Max eXtra” subscription… Casino Max continues to develop increasingly innovative features for its users.

Some figures

  • 2,3 million downloads since launch;
  • Used by 1 in 5 Casino shoppers;
  • Over 300 000 monthly users visit the app, 8 times per month on average;
  • 30 000 weekly self scanning transactions.

“Our customers’ expectations are ever growing. relevanC’s ambition is to help stores boost their relationship with shoppers. The challenge is two-fold: we aim to bring augmented loyalty to our consumers via their smartphones to strengthen the customer relationship, and at the same time to bring digital solutions in-store to simplify, gamify and personalize the shopper experience.”

Clément Contamine Directeur Général relevanC retail tech

Clément Contamine
relevanC retail tech Managing Director