Did you know that 20 million flyers are left each year in French mailboxes?

Retail has historically used mass promotion, but today this is no longer relevant. 

Indeed, besides being a worrying ecological issue, these traditional promotional mechanisms no longer engage consumers who feel drowned under a promotional pressure (90% of flyers are thrown away before being read).

Following the law against waste and circular economy adopted in 2020, retailers urgently need to change their promotional model. Indeed, in order to reduce waste and protect consumers from this promotional fatigue, from January 1, 2021, dropping flyers in mailboxes displaying “Stop ads” will be sanctioned by more severe fines in France (up to 3000 €). Moreover, from January 1, 2023, promotional flyers must be printed on recycled paper or paper from sustainably managed forests.

To tackle this new issue, retailers must seek a profitable and ecological solution. The answer can be found in digitization of paper flyers

Following the citizens’ convention, relevanC launched a partnership with Géant Casino, in 2019, in order to act in favor of sustainable development. The platform set up by relevanC made it possible to digitize and personalize the company’s catalogs. Results were not long in coming:

  • A 1,5% increase of in-store traffic.
  • A 70% increase in click- rate for personalized catalogs (content).
  • A 52% increase of opening rate vs. non-personalised mail (title).

Likewise, Monoprix has taken the decision to eliminate its paper catalogs, thus saving 2,400 tonnes of paper per year. Therefore, given the immense waste, the shift in paradigm shift is urgent.

At RelevanC, we strongly believe that mass marketing is obsolete. Ecologically and economically, we believe that the future lies in digitized and personalized promotion and that’s why we develop efficient and easy-to-use solutions for retailers.

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