With the rise of new technologies and the multiplication of distribution channels, traditional retail is undergoing a complete revolution!
It has become essential to provide consumers with digital solutions equivalent to those existing in ecommerce.
The shopping experience has massively evolved, and with it the notion of loyalty. Do not miss out on the opportunity!

The challenge

Consumers now expect more features and more customization from loyalty programs.
In this age of permanent immediacy, we offer differentiation thanks to our digital platform, designed to boost both the in-store shopping experience and commercial animations.

Pourquoi votre enseigne a-t-elle besoin d’une appli ?

The benefits for the retailers are varied:

  • Offering targeted discounts to consumers increases their return on investment: on average, 1€ invested in personalized promotions generates +5€ of incremental revenue
  • Significant reduction of checkout times
  • Monetization of the application: couponing, sale of marketing channels, dedicated areas etc…
  • Monetization of the data collected (audience extension)

Make your consumer’s shopping experience unique. Interact with them, know how to best listen and support them each day, via a mobile app or an innovative website.

L’appli Casino Max en chiffres

65% women

53% have children

47% 35-49 years old

Geolocalized and logged-in consumer base (socio-demographical and transactional data)

Loyal users
Monthly users
Monthlys visits per user

They trust us