Built from the ground
up for marketplaces

With thousands of vendors and multiple offers
for the same SKU, Sponsored Products for
marketplaces are much more complex than for pure e-commerce. relevanC's platform scales quickly
and seamlessly.

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6x ad spend

Protect relevance and
drive sales with personalization

3x CTR

Empower advertisers to maximize spend and ROI

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Generate ad revenue from all advertisers

70% of latent ad revenue is locked away in the long tail of smaller advertisers. Unlock that spend with easy-to-use tools that deliver consistently high ROAS.

  • Self-serve interface for easy advertiser onboarding
  • 1-click ad campaign creation for high-performing ads for all
  • Live reporting allows rapid adjustments to campaign strategy.

Relevance and Reach combined

Truly relevant ads enhance the customer experience. High fill-rate maximises the return on web real-estate. Benefit from both without one compromising the other.

  • 100% fill-rate with advanced Machine Learning algorithms
  • Audience extension with Google shopping

Built from the ground up for marketplaces

Sponsored Products for marketplaces are much more complex than pure e-commerce. The relevanC platform scales quickly and seamlessly.

  • Offer-level auctions as standard
  • Fair competition between advertisers of all sizes
  • Built for both managed services and self serve environments
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Higher ROAS for advertisers

with AI-powered campaign creation & real-time reporting

Trusted by marketplaces and retailers

Our technology powers the Retail Media operations of major European and international marketplaces and retailers

Since implementing the Cdiscount Advertising platform “powered by relevanC”, we've seen a real impact on sales. Cdiscount is the only Retail Media network in France able to compete with Amazon
Virgile Cuba
E-commerce Director Eric Favre

Be up and running with Sponsored Products in just 4 weeks.

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