What is offline cashback?

relevanC has developed a unique and 100% performance-driven, drive-to-store mechanism.

To consumers located near your point of sales, we offer to discover your special offers and benefit from a cashback mechanism rewarding their purchase in your store.

The benefit for your brand

We generate qualified traffic, in the stores and over the time-period that you select. You can then measure the traffic generated, and the impact in terms of sales and ROI.

We also enable you to boost your online sales, thanks to our dedicated cookie-based cashback proposition. We’ve enabled over 450 partners, from CDiscount to Aliexpress or Asos, to acquire new customers based off Casino’s audience.

Your stores and promos are consistently being suggested to Casino Hypermarket and Supermarket consumers.

How does it work?

  • The consumer opens the Casino Max app and discovers cashback offers available in his favorite stores
  • He then visits the store and starts shopping
  • After the purchases, the shopper scans his receipt in the Casino Max app within 24 hours
  • An operator validates the order before transmitting it to the brand
  • The consumer’s Casino Max account is credited with his cashback within 30 days after validation of the purchase by the brand

Our Cashback partners (and many more…)