The challenge

Digitalization changes shopping habits and presents retailers with new opportunities.

Consumption habits

46% of households expect to receive personalized promotions.1
4h+ hours spent on digital media daily2

Opportunities for retailers

  • Personalization of offers based on purchase history and geolocalization
  • Measuring the impact of campaigns: ROI, incremental revenue…
  • Solving issues linked to store detention rates
  • Appealing to a younger, more digital-savvy audience

relevanC’s solutions

In order to personalize the promotions presented to consumers, relevanC has developed machine learning algorithms, ensuring the right promotions target the right consumers. It is based on the consumer’s purchase behavior and consumption habits against other shoppers.

These algorithms are used by CasinoMax and Franprix for example.

Benefit for your clients

Relevant offers

Promo activation rates are multiplied by 3 thanks to personalization.

Localized promos

Offers are available in the user’s favorite store.

Less promotional

Our personalization algorithms are used in two complementary features we offer retailers:

Personalized couponing

• An easy-to-use self-service platform, enabling you and your suppliers to create coupons with just a few clicks
Targeting promotions depending on your marketing goals: from retention to recruitment offers
Control your budget and manage your loyalty investments

Digitization and personalization of flyers

• An economical and ecological solution: 90% of flyers are thrown away without being read
Increased reactivity: no printing or formating work
Multiplicity of points of contact thanks to social network
• Solving issues linked to store detention rates

They trust us