Exemple de Défi relevanC retail tech

What is it?

With the Challenges, relevanC retail tech gamifies and personalizes the users’ experience in the Casino Max and Leader Price mobile applications, by setting a personalized challenge (reaching a number of transactions, a amount spent, etc.). The Challenges unfold over several days or weeks, and generally require several purchase acts, which is a way of retaining customers. Once the challenge has been completed, several types of rewards exist (discounts, jackpot, immediate discount, chance to participate in a lottery).

By studying the app users’ transactional data, relevanC can understand their profiles, and develop clustering algorithms. The Challenges to reach are ajusted to match the consumers’ habits. This layer of intelligence allows us to offer a unique loyalty mecanism, based on digital and personalization principles. This also enables us to boost our operations’ profitability. If one user typically has a lower average spending basket, the goals to reach will be lower, thus maximizing the engagement and challenge participation rate.

How does it work?

The users’ in-app experience is gamified: they can follow the evolution of their score in real-time with each in-store checkout, thanks to a gauge that updates live in the application homepage.

Communication mechanisms are deployed to animate the Challenges (pre-Challenge teasers, targeted push notifications) and implicate the users.

Thanks to the consumer’s transactional data, relevanC develops a one-to-one strategy and personalizes the operation. The challenges and goals set are in line with the user’s consumption habits: both motivating and reachable!

The benefit for your brand

With the Challenges, relevanC develops a custom loyalty program for retailers. In addition to the traditional loyalty elements, we add an extra layer of personalisation to set goals depending on each user’s comsumption and purchase habits.

Each one of our Challenges is A/B tested, with a target population (which is shown the Challenge) and a control population, which enables us to estimate the uplift, and incremental revenue generated by the Challenge.

For retailers and brands, this mechanism allows for a controlled investment and optimized ROI. Since launching our Challenges, we’ve observed a ROI of up to 15x: for each euro invested in generosity, 15€ of additional revenue is generated.