What is gamification

It is a promotional mechanism that adds a playful element to the shopper experience. relevanC Retail Tech provides brands with gamification (or promogaming) solutions, as a ready-to-use mechanism. We work with you to create a campaign, and broadcast it through our digital channels (mobile app, push notifications, Facebook, Instagram, newsletter), handouts, and in-store communications (branded markers and displays).

Benefit for your brand

«On average, we observe a 25% increase in shopper basket value, as consumers tend to spend more when they stand a chance of being refunded. And the mechanism leaves a better impression than a standard impersonal coupon for 50c off their next purchase.»

Romain Charles, PDG de LUcky Cart
Romain Charles

The mechanism Maxit offers enables you to:

  • Enhance your brand’s digital availability in-store
  • Target the entirety of our consumer audience, by creating brand content on your products
  • Measure your campaign’s impact: revenue and consumer behavior analysis

How does it work?

«During an operation we led on a chips brand, 35% of the participants were not originally buyers of the brand, and we doubled the consumption.»

Alban Schleuniger
Alban Schleuniger

An exemple of promogaming campaign

“La Course aux Marques” du 1er avril au 5 mai 2019, dans 762 magasins (Géant, Casino, Spar, Vival…).

Communication :
1,20 millions de push notification, 1 million d’e-mails envoyés, 400 000 vues sur les réseaux sociaux,  1 page de prospectus, PLV.

Fonctionnement : 
Pour chaque achat de l’une des marques participantes, les utilisateurs de l’application Casino Max complètent une jauge et obtiennent une chance de gagner l’intégralité de leur panier. A chaque palier franchi, une prime est versée sur leur compte fidélité.

Résultat :
103 000 coupons clippés.

They used it